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Without the IT Headache


Hassle-free IT

We can implement the technology that influences your students and staff the most, customizing a total solution for your classroom needs.

All of your educational applications

We can offer you the technological solutions needed to meet all your educational needs. By building and maintaining your IT systems, we can ensure essential functions are being performed all day, every day.

  • 24/7 Service support
  • Network infrastructure
  • Help Desk and Onsite support
  • Cyber Security

Working within your budget

We are familiar with working within the means of education financial budgets. Our goal is to build a relationship and maintain your IT systems and other technologies.

  • Flexible maintenance plans
  • Erate planning and budgeting
  • Project planning and budgeting

Identifying Your Needs

Your teachers should be free to focus on teaching.


Industry observers are forecasting that there will be about 1 Trillion Internet-connected devices by the end of 2030. Students and staff carrying smartphones, tablets and notebooks will need constant web access throughout the premises.


Many of your students are visual learners. Installing high-definition projectors and document cameras in your classroom will allow students to absorb information and understand the curriculum being delivered in a way never thought possible.

Storage & Security

Backup and secure both your electronic as well as non-electronic data – including paper files, student records, grades, attendance, journals and laboratory notes. Electronic systems include computers workstations and laptops, storage media, and other learning devices.

Computing & Software

Integrating PCs with the appropriate software and applications into the classroom lends the tools to engage and educate students that just a generation ago were unimaginable. We can supply your facility will desktops, notebooks and software to give your students the hands-on education they will need to get to the head of the class.

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